On site massage to de-stress and refresh in just 20 minutes

Hands on at Work Hands on at Work Hands on at Work

Employers who embrace health and wellbeing strategies know that it makes good business sense.

Employees are more motivated and engaged if they feel that their employer cares about their health and provides services to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Hands On At Work massage and bodywork therapies provide an effective way to achieve this.  A choice of treatments (lasting from around 20 minutes) can even be delivered whilst your team members remain at their office desk or other place of work.

Why choose us?

The benefits of massage at work are clear:

  • It’s really easy to set up
  • Our onsite service means minimal disruption to  your day
  • The ‘feel good factor’ brings a real boost to team energy levels
  • Engaged and motivated employees work  more effectively
  • Your staff will feel valued and thanked for what  they do.