Workplace Massage

Looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees is of paramount importance

Workplace Massage

On site massages therapies will improve team morale and productivity, reduce sick days and even save on recruitment costs.

Workplace treatments
Our body massage treatments are indispensible for screen-tied office workers, employees who are constantly on the go, drivers spending long hours at the wheel and people who stand throughout the day.

Treatments are delivered ‘over clothing’ and with the individual either seated at their office desk or using our portable massage chair.

To ensure minimal disruption options range from workstation massage through to 15 or 20 minute therapies away from the desk

Half dat, full day or corporate events

Benefits to an employer
If you and your employees are working long hours such as eight, ten or even 12 hour days, you’re going to need a break at some point.
People under pressure can often feel overwhelmed and find very it difficult to focus and be efficient.
On site massage therefore, is ideal solution because it works on both the physical level – giving the body a good stretch and on the physiological level – giving the brain a break (instead of plunging it into overload!).
It will also lift the spirits and increase an individual’s capacity to work effectively.

We offer this service as part of an ‘at work’ package and benefits to employees are as follows –
• They will feel appreciated and as a result, be willing to work harder
• It helps them refocus, bringing a clear head without the fear of interruptions
• It helps them keep on top of the aches and pains caused by poor posture
• It boosts their natural energy levels
• It creates a real ‘buzz’ and a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere.