16 Ways to boost your energy!

Tips to boost your energy

16 Ways to boost your energy!

As a nation we have such busy lives, it can often make us feel stressed, overwhelmed and tired.  So it’s important that we take time to look after ourselves and our energy levels.

Here’s some quick tips on boosting your energy throughout the day:

Don’t press the snooze button!

Grabbing those extra moments of sleep are not doing you any favours for your energy levels.  It can leave you feeling grey and groggy for hours after you’ve woken up.  So when that alarms goes off, go with it and get up!

Wake up it’s a beautiful day!

Daylight helps control your body clock.  It also suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone.  So start your morning right and kickstart your day, by opening your curtains and letting your daylight flood in 😊

Bring a pop of colour to your breakfast…

Why not brighten up your breakfast?  It’s a great way to consume energising vitamins and minerals.  A combination breakfast of wholegrain carbohydrates, protein and fruit – will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Keep Hydrated…

It’s important that you make sure you drink plenty of fluids, on average 2 litres of fluid a day for most people is sufficient.  It doesn’t just have to be water, herbal teas and you can also add fruit to water.  Don’t forget that drinks that contain caffeine don’t count!  Top tip – you can keep an eye on your hydration by checking the colour of your urine, it should be no darker than the colour of straw!

Water and Lemons

After a good night’s sleep, it’s vital that we re-hydrate ourselves.  It’s always a good idea to start your day with a glass of water and if you want a dose of vitamin C, add in a slice of lemon.  Of course, have your usual cup of tea or coffee if you like, but starting with water is best!

Move it move it

Exercise is a great way to boost your energy!  Exercising outdoors gives your body a vitamin D boost too.  Spending time outside in green spaces, in the fresh air with the wind blowing through your hair, is great for your physical and mental health and boosting your energy!  The key is get your heart rate up, brisk walking is a great way to start. 

Protein lunch

It’s a great idea to have protein at every meal time.  However, try and go for lean protein such as fish and chicken.  Did you know having a greater protein to carbohydrate ration gives your body a more stable supply of energy!

Sit up straight

We’re all prone to slouching at our desks, those hunched over shoulders, not only is really bad for your posture, it can also make your energy dip.  So, the next time you feel yourself slumping forward, sit up straight, pop your hands behind your back/ head.  This not only stretches out your back and chest – it can help increase your energy levels!

Happy snacking

Hands up – who needs a snack mid-morning / afternoon?  Hands up who’s guilty of reaching for a sugary snack?  Keep your blood sugars stable by opting to snack on foods such as ricecakes, nuts, raisins or oatcakes.  Opting for those treats high in sugar gives you that high peak of energy and then back down very quickly, also know as hyperglycaemia.

Release the stress

Feeling stressed and those feelings overwhelmingness can have a huge affect on mental and physical health.  Enjoy something each day, that could be enjoying a glass of wine and a good book, a work out class at the gym or spending time with loved ones.

Go alcohol free

Reports show improved sleep and higher energy levels by taking time out from drinking alcohol.   Cutting back on alcohol can also have a huge affect on the way you look and feel within days!  The NHS recommends taking at least two alcohol free days a week.  Drinking excessive amounts can make you feel grey, groggy, tired and a little under the weather.

Power nap

Enjoy a cat nap, sitting or lying down between 2pm and 4pm for 5 to 20 minutes (no longer) where you gradually move into a state of relaxation.  Any longer than the times stated, you’ll struggle to sleep in the evening.  Try using a podcast or breathing as your focus to move into the state of relaxation. 

Stretch it out

Pilates and Yoga are a great way to relax whilst boosting energy!  They encourage you to move into a range of movements, which helps boost your circulation, in turn will have a knock on effect on your energy levels.  It’s also a great way to relax after a long day’s work!

Enjoy a nutritious dinner

Enjoy a healthy and balanced meal in the evening.  Chicken, Turkey and Eggs are all high-protein foods and also good sources of Tryptophan.  This amino acid is essential in creating the sleep inducing serotonin and melatonin.   

Sweet Dreams…

Getting a good night’s sleep is really important.  Going to bed around 10pm three to four nights a week will have a massive effect on your energy levels.  You may not be sleeping when you reach your bed, however allowing yourself to relax and wind down is really important ready for sleep.  Here’s some hints and tips for a good night’s sleep:  https://handsonatwork.co.uk/sweet-dreams-sleep-well/

Enjoy a massage

If you can find the time, a massage is the perfect way to relax and boost your energy while someone literally kneads, pummels and rubs the stress out of you. You will be surprised at how rejuvenated you feel afterwards!

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