A pain in the back? Advice for guys with a niggling back pain

niggling back pain

A pain in the back? Advice for guys with a niggling back pain

One of the most common health complaints that men face is niggling back pain.

Of course, we are not suggesting that it you have a back pain problem you should not consult your GP or other health professional such as a Chiropractor or Osteopath.

However, if you do have a minor and irritating back pain issue, then massage could help.

There are many reasons why people experience back pain and the most common ones are exercising without appropriate instruction, adopting a poor sitting posture (e.g. whilst driving or working at a computer screen), lifting heavy objects incorrectly and sleeping on an unsuitable mattress.

Your medical professional will advise you with regards to the best action to take and if treatment is required.

However, if your back pain is minor, the following advice could also help.

Get fit the right way

If your exercise is not methodical then structured support from a personal trainer will not only minimise injury and risk of injury but this could also significantly uplift the health and fitness benefits of the exercise you do take.

Adopt the correct posture

If you are lifting weights incorrectly (i.e. you are lifting too much or you are not keeping your back straight) and you’re not sitting or sleeping as you should, then taking up general exercise such as Pilates, stretching and yoga will make a big difference.

Benefit from massage therapies

Another solution is to discuss your back pain problem with a professional masseur.

He or she will then recommend a therapeutic and supportive massage treatment.

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