Are you working your socks off?

Reflexology in the workplace

Are you working your socks off?

World Reflexology Awareness Week starts on Monday 20th September so we’re inviting you to take off your socks at work or at home to have a relaxing foot massage.

Here’s a spotlight on one of the talented Hands on at Work team – Melanie Harris. We’re focusing on Mel because she is a qualified Reflexology Practitioner.

Here Mel gives us the lowdown on reflexology and the benefits it brings.

Hi Mel, can you begin by telling us what reflexology is and how it helps?

Reflexology is a massage treatment that focuses on the feet, hands and head, because these are linked to a number of ‘reflex points’ within the body.

It actually dates back to 2330BC but updated with modern clinical research, it is recognised as an effective massage treatment to improve wellbeing and treat an array of health concerns.

How are the treatments delivered?

Each treatment is carried out with the beneficiary adopting a comfortable position either lying on a couch or seated in a reflexology chair.

Special pressure techniques are then used to stimulate points on the feet and hands and as a result, imbalances in the tissues, organs and body systems can be detected and treated.

Who will best benefit?

Anyone can benefit but especially individuals recovering from illness, injury or experiencing emotional or physical stress.

Reflexology works very well alongside prescription medications and common results include an improved ability to relax, better overall mood and outlook, better sleep patterns and boosted energy levels.

What is your background and what took you into massage therapies?

In the early 90’s I started as an exercise specialist working with pre and post cardiac clients and also supporting individuals with brain injuries, arthritis and other ailments.

Moving into massage and reflexology around 15 years ago was a natural progression for me. This was mainly due to my interest in how complementary therapies help the body and mind to work beneficially together.

What is Maternity Reflexology and how does this complement the above?

In pregnancy the aim of reflexology is to de-stress and relax the mum to be and also to offer support for any queries or worries she may have.

During pregnancy, some women prefer reflexology to massage for a variety of reasons.

How do I book a reflexology treatment?

Contact Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or at info@handsonatwork.co.uk. Tell us where you are located and we’ll match you with a reflexologist on our team to book a session.