Barristers Chambers – Case Study

Barristers Chambers - Case Study

Barristers Chambers – Case Study

We have been working with Barristers Chambers in Birmingham and London as part of their health and wellbeing initiatives to keep Barristers, their Clerks and support staff in good health.

It is really encouraging to see firms supporting staff and initiatives such as the Wellbeing at the Bar website reinforces the message that the profession acknowledges the challenges of balancing expectations of the clients and the Barrister’s sense of responsibility and performance with looking after their health and wellbeing.

The great feedback we have received about our service is proving how simple initiatives can also make a difference.

Dates are organised in advance as to when we will be visiting Chambers and so when the next date is due, whoever will be in Chambers that day has the opportunity to put their name down for a massage. Often there is more supply than demand, as Elaine Browne from Keating Chambers says

“As soon as I tell everyone when the therapist is coming in I have a mad rush of people booking their massage.  It is so popular that I have a ‘reserve list’ in case any spaces become available during the day.”

The massages take place in a room away from the work stations to give everyone the chance to relax totally and switch off from their work. It’s only for about 15 minutes but just having that break makes a huge difference. As one of the staff at Keating Chambers says it’s “The best thing ever.”

We were asked by St Ives Chambers to provide 15 minute massages to staff and Barristers during their Health & Wellbeing Week in May 2019.

Massages were very well received during their event and all the places were snapped up very quickly. As a result, The Health & Wellbeing Committee decided to have us in on a regular basis and two therapists now visit them once a month.

Their aim of having massages in Chambers was to take care of staff and Barristers’ physical and mental wellbeing and it seems to be working. This is one of many feedback quotes we have received “The massages make you feel calm and fully relaxed.  It helps you to take time out for yourself which is important in a fast paced and high pressured environment.”

As part of a Wellbeing initiative, St Philips Chambers were seeking to introduce a physical activity which contributed to staff and barristers’ feeling of wellness and relaxation. They wanted it to be accessible, easy to engage with, and noticeably beneficial.

They opted to have 15 minutes massages for 8 Barristers/members of staff using a meeting room, which was quickly and easily set up for the therapist and which they say is an extremely friendly, professional and unobtrusive service.

Ali Tabari, barrister member of the chambers Wellbeing Committee said “We are delighted with the service we have received, and we would highly recommend HOAW’s expertise to any business who needs a quick, reliable and effective method to improve their staff’s physical wellness and their mood/morale. We are looking forward to many more fantastic sessions with the team!”

If you are looking for ideas to implement or to add to your own health and wellbeing initiatives we would love to have a chat with you about your ideas and also the massage and other wellbeing services we have to offer.

 For more information please contact Kathy Scott on info@handsonatwork.co.uk