Bring awareness into everything you do…

mental health awareness in the workplace

Bring awareness into everything you do…

“Bring awareness into everything you do:

Avoid multitasking and focus your attention on the task at hand. Switching between tasks reduces productivity and scatters your energy.

Endeavour to give your full attention to all that you do:

At work, do your work.

When you are with friends, be completely with your friends.

Spend time with your kids, focus all your attention on them, not checking your phone.

Talking to a neighbour, focus completely on the conversation, not on your “to do” list.

Give awareness to your senses. When you are out in nature pay attention to the sounds, smells and colours. When you are eating, really savour the tastes. 

In other words….. BE PRESENT….. this is Mindfulness”

So says Kallika, our wonderful mindfulness teacher. There is no denying these are uncertain times causing stress and anxiety to many. We are bombarded with information daily about the pandemic, there are varying reports as to whether people should go back to the workplace now or wait a while longer. Employers are having a stressful time with the responsibility for making sure workplaces will be safe to return to. Businesses in the city centres who rely on the business community are struggling because footfall has reduced dramatically.

All of this creates ‘noise’ around us, it is difficult to think clearly and make future plans when there is so much to think about. We all need to just stop for a moment and take stock but it is so difficult to allow ourselves time to do that. One way of doing so and to reap the benefits of doing just that is to practice mindfulness.

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