Chat Charities and Challenges

Massage at charity events

Chat Charities and Challenges

It is so easy at work to just get your head down, absorb yourself in your work and not communicate with anyone unless it is specifically to do with the job in hand. It’s good to be productive and conscientious, no-one is denying that but it can lead to a culture where healthy communication between colleagues is lost leading to a culture of just doing the job and with no real interest in anything or anybody else.

Give everyone something to talk about! As part of your wellbeing surveys find out what people are interested in i.e. hobbies, sports, the arts etc and see if team activities could be organised around any of those suggestions.

Not everything needs to cost money:

  • Walking groups could be organised at lunchtimes where people can enjoy some fresh air over a lunch break and talk to their colleagues but in a less stressed atmosphere
  • Do you have a social committee? If not, how about starting one and have meetings during a break time to discuss ideas
  • Create a healthy eating club and swap biscuits in the kitchen for healthy alternatives
  • Glean ideas from the survey you have carried out and put these in place

Is there interest in having outside providers in to deliver activities such as:

  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Massage
  • Mindfulness
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Talks on subjects such as nutrition, exercise, sleep etc

all of which help to sustain a programme of self-care which in turn helps with good mental health resulting in less time off sick.

Do you have a nominated charity you like to support? Work out a programme of what events you could take part in as a company team or activities you could do yourselves to help raise money for them. There is nothing like a good challenge and teamwork to raise engagement and motivation.

Sporting challenges are always a good way to get people talking and healthy competition is definitely good for the soul!

Do you have a corporate social responsibility committee? Giving back to the community is a great team builder and motivator and by ensuring staff are included by incorporating their ideas it is a great way to bond, raise the profile of the company and generally develop a great culture of support and wellbeing for the company and the community as a whole.

Lastly, shout about it! Use social media channels to promote what you are doing i.e. team activities, sporting challenges, charity fundraising and get everyone involved, lots of photos required! You will soon be seen as a great place to work and who are serious in investing in their teams andalso gives something back.