Cytoplan – Case Study

Cytoplan - Case study

Cytoplan – Case Study

“A great perk for staff, helps to reduce stress levels and improve productivity, improves staff happiness. There’s always a fight for spaces!”

So says Maddie Taylor the Technical & QC Lead at Cytoplan, a food supplements company in Worcestershire.

Cytoplan have used our seated massage service regularly for a number of years now as part of their staff health and wellbeing plan and as you can see from Maddie’s quote, it is a service which is very popular with staff.

What could you do to improve your employees’ happiness at work, to create a supportive environment where everyone feels they are valued and appreciated?

Think about doing a survey asking employees what type of activities or information they would find useful. It doesn’t have to be paid for activities, it could simply be having more communication channels in place to discuss anything that may be worrying them (sometimes, a once a year appraisal is not really enough).

Or, information on local services regarding fitness advice, alcohol consumption, stop smoking etc where employees can discreetly take down the contact information if they didn’t feel comfortable discussing these things with their colleagues.

Anything really that shows your employees that you are looking out for them and are willing to help.

If you did want to look at activities to introduce then we can also help not only with the seated massage, but also yoga, pilates, laughter yoga, nutrition workshops, mindfulness sessions and meditation and more.

It may be a cliché but it is true that happy employees are more productive because if you are in a positive frame of mind you feel that you can conquer anything!

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