Does your job involve sitting or standing for long hours?

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Does your job involve sitting or standing for long hours?

If yes, here’s five ways to help you manage this and stay healthy.

Ensure your screen, table and chair are aligned

Bending over or twisting to one side to view a computer screen for long periods of time is never ideal. Ensure therefore that your table, chair and screen are ergonomically positioned. You’ll find lots of information on the internet about how to get this right.

Plan your breaks

Whilst it is important to take breaks, this doesn’t always mean that you have to stop working. It may mean you simply undertake different tasks which require you to move in different ways.

Schedule physical activity

Diarise your meetings and business journeys so that you can both change your environment at regular intervals and move in different ways.

Stand up, sit down

If you stand all day you may be able to position a smart high stool to sit on from time to time and if you sit down all day, you could perhaps stand up to take your ‘phone calls. Even small posture changes during the day will help.

Share job tasks

Perhaps there’s a colleague you could swop tasks with? Talk to your line manager to see if you can share responsibilities which vary your physical activity but still contribute to the overall business aim.

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