Don’t be blue this Monday

Blue Monday

Don’t be blue this Monday

Monday 18 January is supposed to be Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year apparently, as Winter seems to be going on forever, there is a long gap between pay days and everything feels generally depressing.

I don’t go along with this, why would the third Monday of January be any different to any other day? If it didn’t have this label, would you notice any difference to any other day this month?

You could turn it on his head.

We all know poor mental health is a huge issue and none more so than during the pandemic. As there is, thankfully, more awareness of this, companies could use Blue Monday to kick start a week of concentrating on mental health and arrange times for staff to have one to one calls with a Mental Health First Aider or Wellbeing Champion, just to check in to make sure everything is okay. Also, arrange some Team meetings but not about work, just for a social meet, albeit remotely.

Think positively too. The days may still be on the short side but look for signs that things are improving. I was out for my exercise one day earlier this week and noticed a carpet of Snowdrops by the hedgerow. That was a great sight to see, definitely a sign that Spring is on its way.

Get out into the fresh air. I know we are not allowed to go too far but even a walk down the garden if you have one, or a walk around the block will give you time to recharge those batteries.

Make Blue Monday the day you say no, I shall not be depressed, I am looking forward to better things.

Make a list of all the things you can do to keep up your spirits.

Make a list of people you haven’t spoken to for a while and make a commitment to give them a call.

Do you like volunteering? Find an organisation who could do with your help whether that is physical help such as food distribution or being on the end of a phone line.

What can you do for yourself to make you feel better? Simple things like curling up in front of the fire with a good book, a long soak in a warm bath with scented candles. Listening to your favourite music without anyone interrupting.

Stay positive, ignore negative labels such as Blue Monday and smile!