Don’t sit still for too long

Workplace depression

Don’t sit still for too long

How easy it is to forget to get up from your computer. All of a sudden, from this Monday, Hands On At Work were back in business, given the green light, and so what happens? Despite telling myself I would not spend all day at the computer, that is exactly what I did. Later that evening, I couldn’t work out why my neck felt so stiff when I tried to turn my head.

  • Where was my bottle of water to replenish through the day?
  • When did I actually get up from my seat and have a walk around (just once for about 20 minutes as far as I can recall)?

I did stop to have some lunch but apart from that, no, it was back to bad habits. Suddenly, I was back into “I’ve got a million and one things to do” and can’t stop.

But as the week has progressed, I’ve taken a step back and after a couple of hours on the computer this morning, I factored in a decent break, some lunch, I have my water by the computer and Post-It reminders stuck to the bottom of my computer reminding me to get up and walk around for 10 minutes every hour.

By doing this, I have been very productive as the breaks have also given me thinking time and it takes away that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Don’t let those bad habits take over.

The easiest way is to tag on a new habit to an existing one. When you get up to put the kettle on for the tenth cup of coffee that day, do some gentle exercise, even if it’s standing on one leg until you lose your balance, or some squats or even just dancing around if you’ve got the radio on. Just get moving and make a habit of doing this every time you go to the kettle.

Another way is to incorporate movement even when you are sat at your computer. We have a great series of 6 videos, each containing approximately 15 minutes of desk yoga sequences which you could easily incorporate into your day. Great too, for starting or finishing team meetings to bring everyone together.

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