Eating for your health

Workplace nutrition webinar

Eating for your health

How do you feel about the colder weather?

Now the colder weather has settled in, our thoughts turn to snuggly comfy jumpers and making bulk proportions of comfort food to freeze for the colder months ahead.

The jumpers will be a reality, the idea of batch cooking comfort foot will be an idea that we hope comes to fruition.

Let’s be honest, in the colder months, it’s easier to grab food that is easy and quick to cook, or warm up, but not always the most nutritious for us.  Sometimes, if you’re a little down because of the weather, or you’ve had a mediocre day, you’ll eat anything you can get your hands on!

However, it’s time we start eating for our health.

We all know, what we eat is important and affects how we feel, our energy levels and overall health. There is so much information available as to which foods are good for us, nutrient rich, super boost foods, and those to avoid such as over processed meals but it can be overwhelming and difficult to know what to choose for the best.

Did you know that Hands On At Work, work with registered nutritionists who streamline nutritional information and make it specific to individual issues such as building resilience, brain food, menopause, men’s health, supporting your immune system, and eating to sleep better.

It’s less daunting if you know which foods affect different aspects of your wellbeing.

Let’s take a closer look at our Menopause session.  1 in 10 women leave the workplace due to menopause. The Menopause nutritional webinar addresses the awareness of the 30+recognised symptoms including insomnia, brain fog, mental health, hot flushes. The session also informs you how to manage symptoms, the treatment options, and how to have a menopause conversation with your manager.

We also provide a Men’s Health session.  We look at a healthy heart plan, mental health support, the prostate taboo, and what tests you should be asking your doctor for. Seminars / Webinars are a great way for every team member to be included, whether working remotely or from the workplace.

Each of these awareness events are available as a webinar or seminar. They are;
⭐Live (approx. 45 minutes plus time for Q&A)
⭐Date & time of your choosing
⭐Unlimited audience
⭐Delivered by a Registered MSc nutritionist
⭐Recording permitted to share with colleagues unable to attend live

To find out more about a particular wellbeing webinar or to book your session, email us on info@handsonatwork.co.uk