Faking it until it becomes real

Laughter Yoga at work

Faking it until it becomes real

What is laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter.  It is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter – its core premise is that your body can and knows how to laugh, regardless of what your mind has to say.  Described by some as ‘internal jogging’.  It is a fairly new form of exercise, being created in India in the mid-1990s. 

It is done in groups, with eye contact, jokes and playfulness between participants and is seen as a form of physical exercise through prolonged voluntary laughter. It follows a body-mind approach to laughter, participants do not need to have a sense of humour, know jokes, or even be happy. The invitation is to “laugh for no reason“, faking it until it becomes real. 

Laughter Yoga is an easy way to strengthen all immune functions, bring more oxygen to the body and brain, foster positive feelings and improve interpersonal skills.

How do you do it?

Laughter yoga sessions will generally start with gentle warm-up techniques which include stretching, chanting, clapping, eye contact and body movement.  These exercises help to break down inhibitions and encourage a sense of playfulness.

Breathing exercises are used to prepare the lungs for laughter, followed by a series of ‘laughter exercises’ that combine the method of acting and visualisation techniques with playfulness.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga


Believe it or not, Laughter Yoga helps you to heal faster.  It also helps you to keep fit, whilst strengthening the immune system.  Did you know that just 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine!  It increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Laughter Yoga is a single exercise routine which reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously and brings an emotional balance. After your very first session of laughter yoga, you will notice and feel the benefits. 


Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minutes by releasing endorphins.  It also helps to develop a sense of humour, meaning you will laugh more in real life, always be smiling, have a positive outlook towards life and have very few negative thoughts.


Laughter Yoga is a scientifically proven technique to reduce stress in the workplace.  Science tells us that the brain needs 25% more oxygen than other body organs for optimal functioning.  Laughter Yoga increases the net supply of oxygen which helps in optimal performance. One feels energized and fresh throughout the day and can work more without getting tired.

It is a great for a team building event, creating a happy and motivated workforce.  It enhances self-confidence and communication skills and it’s a very effective tool for increasing attention span during prolonged sessions of work.

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