Five ways to keep energised now autumn is here

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Five ways to keep energised now autumn is here

As the nights get longer and the weather gets colder we all have a tendency to want to hibernate.

As we reset the central heating and dig out our scarves, hats and gloves we may also find ourselves turning to comfort foods and staying inside.

Here then, are five ways to keep energised during the colder months.

1. Keep eating healthily

Although the barbeque months are over there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue with a healthy diet. Hearty stews, curries and chillies with lots of fresh veg and crisp side salads (and puddings with fresh fruit) are both delicious and filling.

2. Keep exercising

Find time to take exercise outdoors. You may also like to set yourself a new fitness goal such as completing a challenge by Christmas or entering a competitive event.

3. Have something to look forward to

It can be easy to stay indoors when the evenings are dark so book in activities with friends and family that you’ll really look forward to and will get you out and about.

4. Set a fresh goal

The main idea is to set an achievable challenge you’ll get excited about. And if it’s something fresh that you’ve been meaning to do for ages; even better!

5. Treat yourself

Treating yourself is important. If you’re sporty this may mean buying some new hi-tech kit or clothing or, if you love food and cooking, treating yourself to a new recipe book or food processor.

Another wonderful treat is to book a professional relaxation or sports massage.

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