Four ways to stay happy and healthy at work

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Four ways to stay happy and healthy at work

Here are four ways to help you stay happy and healthy at work.

1. Manage your workload

This is all about ensuring that you have clarity about your roles and responsibilities and that you’re able to manage the processes and timescales to deliver them.

Most of us are very contentious at work and do our very best to do a good job.

The only problem is, that this can sometimes result in people working consistently long hours and burning themselves out.

With the right structures and systems in place, however, you’ll welcome the challenges of your work and enjoy doing them well.

2. Think about how you sit and move

The amount of sitting or movement involved in your working day will vary depending on your job and this can range from a sedentary, ‘sat at a computer screen all day’ role, right through to a busy, ‘always on your feet’ role.

Aim to avoid extremes such as sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time and do as much as you can to vary the way you move during your day.

To help with this, you may be able to swap tasks with a colleague.

3. Care about what you eat

It can be very easy when eating at work to fall back on the lunchtime pre-packed sandwich, packet of crisps and can of fizzy drink.

Eating healthily at work is possible, but it just needs a little planning.

Start therefore with your weekly shop and look at what you can buy to pre-prepare at home and then bring into work with you.

4. Keep fit and relax

Staying fit is important but for many of us our ‘fitness time’ is limited during the working week.

One way around this is to cook double meal quantities, so that when you come in tired and hungry after that swim, run or game of squash, you’ll have a meal all ready to heat up.

Relaxing is very important too and this may be allowing yourself time for an indulgent hot bath with bubbles or, perhaps as a special reward, booking yourself a massage treatment.

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