Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy.

Mental Health Awareness week this year had nature as its subject which was very apt considering the restrictions everyone has endured over the last year or so.

It soon became apparent how important it is to most people to be able to get outside in the fresh air and for a variety of reasons.

Just to breathe in the fresh air, to relax, take a walk, take photographs of animals, birds, flowers, or to just sit and close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.

Others prefer the adrenaline of exercise, running, cycling, wild water swimming but the common denominator is being outdoors and being aware of natural surroundings, and taking it all in.

Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week you can still carry with you those energising feelings of being outside even if you are back inside a building at work.

Ruthie Moriarty and Alan Sanson have combined their talents to produce a series of short videos called Peace, Calm, and Joy. These consist of photographs they have taken of flowers, landscapes, animals, and birds. Some photos also have affirmations and they are set to a soothing tranquil soundtrack to calm your mind at the same time as being gently uplifting and revitalising.

How could you use these videos as part of your employee wellbeing programme?

These are just a few of our ideas:

  • Allocate 5 – 10 minutes at the end of a team meeting to listen and watch the videos to give everyone time to calm their minds allowing the brain to quietly process all the information it has absorbed
  • Use the videos first thing in the morning for a meditative start to the day
  • Show the videos on a screen in your reception area to invoke a peaceful atmosphere for both staff and visitors to your premises
  • Have the videos available to employees to view as and when they feel the need to just stop for a while

A book of photographic stills is also available, great to keep in say, the kitchen area, for staff to look at during break times or again, in reception on the coffee table.

If you’d like to bring a bit of the magic of nature into your workplace get in touch with us.

Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk