Enjoy an Indian Head massage in your workplace…

benefits of Indian head massage in the office

Enjoy an Indian Head massage in your workplace…

Have you ever experienced the heavenly relaxation treatment that is an Indian Head Massage? If you haven’t you’re in for a real treat!

The treatment focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulder areas together with arms and hands, working deep into the tissues to bring calm, peace and tranquillity to your mind, body and soul.

Here are a few reasons why you should experience an Indian head massage in your workplace:

Stress relief

Every massage technique will provide a certain amount of relief from tension that has built up, however an Indian head massage is targeted on the areas where you hold most of your stress – neck, shoulders, head and face. The deep kneading will help to work out tight areas, literally taking the weight off your shoulders!


Indian Head massage is great if you find it difficult sometimes to turn your head to the side or to look over your shoulder as it can help reduce stiffness and so increase mobility and flexibility.

Improved circulation

Stimulating certain pressure points in the shoulders neck and head helps blood flow more efficiently. This may help to reduce headaches, migraines and also back pain.

What’s the best thing about Indian head massage?

It can be done anywhere!

Here at Hands on at Work we’re ready to play a part, especially when it comes to keeping you and your staff fit, well, rewarded and happy. Many companies are choosing to treat their staff to Indian head massages in the office as a perfect way of boosting morale through increased energy levels, focus and concentration, whilst reducing the frequency of tension headaches and stress-related illnesses. Remember, a happy, healthy workplace is a motivated workplace, after all!

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