Help is at hand for the legal profession

overwhelm in legal profession

Help is at hand for the legal profession

Traditionally people working in the legal profession find it difficult to admit that taking on an overload of work prevents them from working efficiently and productively.

Welcome to the legal profession! One steeped in history and tradition which has stood the test of time.

You’ve left college or University, completed your training and now you are a fully-fledged lawyer.

You’ve overcome the nervous first day in Court, the first time in charge of your own files and risen through the ranks from pupil to Barrister, trainee solicitor to Associate or Partner.

The work keeps coming in and you take on more and more because that’s what you do, isn’t it? It’s not in your nature to say I’ve got enough to do, thank you, please don’t give me anymore files or clients. Instead, you go in early, go home late, work through the day without a break and check your emails on your phone at home and even on the family holiday – that’s not really having a proper break.

It’s all starting to get a bit too much and you’re feeling overwhelmed which is affecting your work performance but to admit it would be a sign of weakness, not good enough to do the job, what on earth would your colleagues think?

It is very easy to slip from being conscientious, hardworking and productive to over working, overwhelmed and less productive, feeling out of control which brings pangs of anxiety, depression and eventually burning yourself out.

Help is at hand.

Times are changing and help and support is out there. The Bar Council have created a website called Wellbeing at the Bar to support Barristers, Clerks and other Chambers staff. Lawyers and support staff are supported by Law Care, a charity set up specifically to deal with issues faced by those in the profession.

Hands on At Work is already helping legal firms and Chambers. Our wellbeing services such as onsite massage, yoga and mindfulness together with assistance and advice in formulating effective wellbeing policies, will be long lasting and embedded in the culture of your business.

To find out more please feel free to contact us on info@handsonatwork.co.uk or via our website contact page at https://handsonatwork.co.uk/contact-us/