How massage can boost your sports training schedule

boost your training with massage

How massage can boost your sports training schedule

Here at Hands on at Work our specialism and skill is in making people feel good.

Of course, massage can be a relaxing treat but it can also play a key role in your personal fitness and sports development.

This is especially true when you’re training for a key event and focusing on a goal.

If you have a summer sports challenge in your diary then you’ll probably be working through a week by week countdown schedule as you move up in your endurance and towards that all important date.

Whether you’re training a for a running race, a triathlon event, an indoor or outdoor swim, a cycling sportive or other physical challenge, having regular massages within your training will help to keep your muscles supple and your body in optimal condition.

It could even be ‘make or break’ when it comes to hitting that finish line target!

The benefits of massage are significant because the combination of massage and exercises will strengthen as well as release soft tissue and this increases joint flexibility.

Massage can also help you with any pre-event injury as it will help to minimize the impact and speed recovery.

Massage can also help with post-event recovery too.

So if for your next event, you’ve got your eye on a ‘PB’ (Personal Best), you have a clear achievement target or you simply don’t want to let your team mates down on the day, why not talk to us and discover how affordable massage can boost your training?

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