How to maintain the benefits after your massage

importance of hydration

How to maintain the benefits after your massage

As a leading supplier of holistic massage therapies Hands on at Work aims to ensure that the benefits you receive from your massage extend beyond the actual treatment and help to bring you long-term health improvements.

There are therefore, a number of things you can do post-massage (you might call them ‘habits to maintain’) which will help with this.

After your massage we recommend that you…

1. Take things gently, immediately afterwards

In the next half hour immediately following your massage it is important that you take things easy.

An example of not doing this would be, just a few minutes afterwards, to jump straight into your car and drive home or, if you are receiving a massage in the workplace, to get straight back onto your computer and carry on working.

Instead, take at least five to ten minutes to just sit quietly and reflect on the massage experience and listen to your body so that you can understand how you feel, both physically and emotionally.

This will enable you to be fully aware and carry forward a positive and calm frame of mind into the rest of the day.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Although wonderful at easing discomfort and pain and calming the mind the massage process can also release toxins such as the lactic and carbonic acids stored in the muscles.

This is a natural part of the ‘ease and rebuild’ process but after your massage it’s essential that you keep yourself suitably hydrated and flush these toxins from your body.

Make sure therefore, that you have a bottle of water to hand to aid the rebalancing process.

3. Keep supple with stretching

Because massage fundamentally addresses and treats muscle tensions, it is always important (and very useful) afterwards, to stretch and flex your muscles to stop them tightening up again.

Think also about your posture and how you will use and move your body for the remainder of the day.

4. Keep the good feeling

As well as giving you permission to fully focus on yourself, massage sends an array of positive neurological messages to the brain.

To capitalise on this positive self awareness and ‘good vibe’, allow yourself to be self aware, of not only your physical body, but also of your needs, feelings and responses.

5. Book your next one!

Finally, one of the best ways to maintain the positive feeling a professional massage therapy delivers is to book your next one.

Using massage regularly as a part of your health and fitness regime and having the date of your next treatment in your diary (highlighted in yellow of course!) is a guaranteed way to help you feel great.

To find out more or to book your next massage call Hands on at Work today on 07989 367 669.