How will you be celebrating International Happiness Day in your workplace this year?

International Happiness Day

How will you be celebrating International Happiness Day in your workplace this year?

What is International Happiness Day?  Since 2013, this campaign has been a global celebration each year on March 20th to mark the United Nations International Day of Happiness – a way to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

The United Nations invites each person of any age, plus every classroom, business and government to join in celebration.  International Day of Happiness is coordinated by Action for Happiness, a non-profit movement of people from 160  countries, supported by a partnership of like-minded organisations.

A great shift in attitudes is underway all over the world, people are recognising that ‘progress’ should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just growing the economy.

Every year promotes a different theme, this year’s theme is ‘Share Happiness’ – focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other.   So what will you be doing to share happiness within your workplace?

You can find daily ideas and activities to perform on the #HappyActs Calendar http://www.happyacts.org/calendar

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