Is your event memorable?

Massage at your event

Is your event memorable?

Everything is coming together, you have checked out the venue, arrangements for the loading and unloading of equipment, power supplies and all the health and safety requirements. Then your thoughts turn to the comfort of your team and guests, plenty of water fountains, access to food and drink, seating arrangements, sanitizers and hand wipes. All is going well but how can you make your event stand out from the rest? How can you make it more memorable?

Is your event a social event, a tradeshow, conference or team building away day? It doesn’t really matter what it is, everyone will at some stage need to chill out and relax, so why not provide them with a relaxation area?

If you are organising a tradeshow or exhibition you could have a de-stress and refresh zone next to a breakout area where coffee tea and snacks are being sold. You can have a lovely 10 minutes back neck and shoulder or foot massage to relax your mind and process all the information you have gathered during the exhibition and then over a nice hot cup of tea or coffee look through the leaflets and business cards you have collected.

Conferences are jam packed with information, seminars and workshops which although stimulating and interesting can lead to information overload and mental fatigue. Just having a short time out to rest and close your eyes and have a lovely massage at the same time will help you re-focus and process that information during the break times and over lunch.

Team building and away days are good fun with everyone working together to complete activities and resolving problems. Incorporate a chill out zone where teams take it in turns as part of the activities to take time to rest and enjoy a mini back neck and shoulder massage from our lovely team of therapists before moving on to the next stage.

These are just a few quotes from clients who have used Hands On At Work as part of their events.

Lincomb Equestrian

We run 4 adult riding camps a year and thought it would be a nice treat for our participants to have a massage at the end of a long day. An opportunity for a little time for themselves. The massage is a highlight of camp. The therapists are always professional and friendly.

Hospice UK

“Having Hands On At Work at our National Conference provided a welcome treat to delegates and exhibitors alike.  They provided seated back neck and shoulder massages during break times and throughout the conference creating a great atmosphere and buzz about the place. The massages were extremely popular with queues of people waiting to be relaxed and refreshed with an invigorating massage”

Treetops Hospice

We saw Hands on At Work at the Hospice UK conference and thought it would benefit our staff conference by offering those attending to have a session. We were not disappointed. The sessions were fully booked and 93% staff in their feedback forms rated it very good. If you want your staff to feel appreciated, then Hands on At Work will go a long way in helping you achieve this.

If you would like further information contact Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk or visit our website at www.handsonatwork.co.uk