Just the two of us…

massage at trade shows

Just the two of us…

…We can make it if we try”

So sang the late great Bill Withers. But seriously, do you really think that Hands On At Work comprises just Chantall and me?

The Hands On At Work team has grown immensely over the past 12 years but still some people think it is just me doing the massaging or that the team is me and Chantall as we are the ones out there networking and promoting the business.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Birmingham, Bristol, London, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow or anywhere at all in the UK, the team comprises therapists dotted all over the place and we will find someone nearest to you to provide our wonderful workplace massage, event massage and wellbeing services.

Even with the disruption of the last couple of years, where for many months we were not allowed to work at all, the team has grown by another 44 therapists since the beginning of 2020 bringing the total to somewhere around 160+.

Look what you are missing out on:

Reduce instances of repetitive strain and tiredness whether you are at a desk all day, working machinery or on the shop floor. Our seated massage pummels those tight back neck and shoulder muscles, get you moving again, stretched out and feeling good.

Relaxing Indian head massage, feel the tightness of your scalp melt away under the gentle pulling, squeezing, and circular motion of the therapist’s fingers leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

What about your poor old feet? Give them some TLC with reflexology, a lovely foot massage with health benefits.

If you’re feeling energetic, how about a session of Laughter Yoga, get the team together and discover the benefits of laughter and above all, have fun!

Or a Mindfulness or Yoga session to calm the mind and body and have some time for yourself during a busy day.

These are just a few examples of our wellness services.

No excuses! Get in touch wherever you are in the UK to see what is on offer and we’ll help put together some well deserved wellbeing for you and your staff.

For further information contact Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or at info@handsonatwork.co.uk. Or visit our website – www.handsonatwork.co.uk