Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers

The commission:  To provide a seated 15 minute massage to staff

Name of company:     Keating Chambers

A brief headline quote to sum up their response here… 

“The best thing ever.  Can I have longer than 15 minutes?”

The organisation:  Barristers Chambers

The aim:  To help relieve stress for staff who are seated at their desk all day

The delivery:  A 15 minute seated massage in a room away from work stations

The difference made:

Initially the staff were just glad to be pampered for that short time away from their desk but after a few sessions they were noticing how less tight their shoulders were feeling.

Elaine Browne, receptionist, said…

“As soon as I tell everyone when the therapist is coming in I have a mad rush of people booking their massage.  It is so popular that I have a ‘reserve list’ in case any spaces become available during the day.”