Massage therapies that support stage and theatre performers

massage for stage and theatre

Massage therapies that support stage and theatre performers

If you dance, act or take part in any other kind of live stage performance it is worthwhile knowing how massage can help.

Here’s how

Massage supports anyone but it is especially useful for people who are physically active.

Both professional and amateur stage performers often face long hours and challenging timetables.

Massage will help you beat the stress, stay focused, keep your body in the best possible physical condition; and ensure you’re ready for each performance.

Massage treatments that support stage performers include:

Focused or full body massage To suit your specific muscle and flexibility needs, body massage options include a relaxing ‘over clothing’ neck, shoulders and upper body massage; right through to a full body massage which may combine treatments including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, Indianhead massage and aromatherapy. Tell us what you’re aiming to achieve and we’ll structure your massage accordingly.

Reflexology massage Feeling stressed and challenged? Reflexology uses special pressure techniques to stimulate the feet and hands, balancing tissues, organs and body systems and restoring wellbeing.

Facial massage Perfect for those who want to look and feel great when performing, this skilled service brings relaxing, toning and refreshment to the face, neck and shoulders. Beauty treatments are also available.

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