Mentor Link


Mentor Link

The organisation

Mentor Link is a charity that was founded in 2002 for children that is dedicated to providing social and emotional support to distressed children and young people.

Their Mission is to provide dedicated support to children and young people who need it.

Their Vision is a world where children and young people feel valued and supported.

The aim

To provide one to one support to vulnerable and distressed children by providing them with a mentor.

The delivery

Provide end of term massages to charity employees with complements from the CEO’s purse.

The difference made

Relaxation, calmness and productive thinking for our staff training day.

Andrea Maddocks CEO said

“My staff work hard all year to provide a professional service to children and young people so it was a personal way of saying thank you to them at the end of a very busy term.”

 A brief headline quote to sum up their response here… 

One member of staff wrote “It was a lovely treat and such a lovely surprise for all the staff”