Online Workshops available to you and your employees

Lunch and learn wellbeing workshops

Online Workshops available to you and your employees

With some employees working from home, others furloughed and some going into the workplace it can feel as if team working has taken a blow. Feelings of isolation can have a detrimental effect on employees, so how can you pull everyone back together and make them feel part of the team again?

One way of doing this is to organise some online team workshops where everyone can join in and see their fellow colleagues rather than doing sessions individually.

Here are some sessions we can offer and how they work:

Online Yoga – 45 minutes session via Zoom

Requirements for taking part:

Enough space to lie down 

A Yoga or fitness mat, but otherwise a carpet, rug, towel. 

Cushions and a blanket to hand are optional but helpful to pad any sensitive knees when kneeling, or to sit on for more comfort.

Classes are for mixed abilities with lots of options to adapt to different bodies and needs.

Online Office/Desk Yoga 

A chair-based yoga session that runs through some sequences that people can continue to use at their desk on a daily basis. The sequences are short as the idea is to teach a few stretches that people can use to build healthy habits while working. With some people working remotely, it would be great to offer this a couple of times a week as a way to bring the team together.  

Option 1

A series of 6 sessions of 1 or 2 x 15 min sessions per week (maximum 20 people per class)

Option 2

45 minutes workshop that includes a desk yoga sequence and some relaxation techniques.

Mindfulness online via Zoom

Option 1 – 6 week programme

A series of 6 x 30 minutes sessions or ongoing weekly.

This allows time to help you develop a Mindfulness Practice.  The early sessions start with exercises that are body centred like desk yoga or a hand yoga and a small meditation, then as we move through the program, there is an increase in the breath work, visualisation and meditation components as you become more comfortable with it. Each session there will be some take home exercises or activities to integrate into their lives. 

Sample session would be:

Welcome – everyone joins with their video on 

Introduction (5 – 10 mins)

What is mindfulness? Discuss a bit about what it means (Paying more attention to the present moment. Being aware of your thoughts and feelings and the world around you)  

Mindfulness exercise (15 – 20 mins)

The participant videos are turned off for their privacy as we guide them through a mindfulness exercise.  

Debrief (10 mins)

We return to the group with videos on to discuss how you can implement this into your daily life, and you can ask questions. 

Option 2 

A one- hour workshop that covers:

·      What is mindfulness

·      A few short mindfulness exercises involving movement, sound, touch & breath.

·      How we can integrate this into our lives. 

Zoom Laughter Yoga Workshops

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a combination of gentle stretching, breathing and laughter exercises.

It is a great way to reduce stress and will lift your mood in minutes.

Zoom Laughter workshops last about 45 minutes and includes a lovely relaxation towards the end.

What to wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes in which you can move around freely in.

Comfy shoes, trainers or bare feet are fine.

What will I need and how much space is needed?

Please ensure that you have plenty of space to move around in.

You will need to sit or lie down during the relaxation so having a cushion available might make it more comfortable. If it is a cold day you also might like a blanket.

Please have a glass of water available.

Who can take part? 

Laughter yoga is accessible to most people of all ages and can be enjoyed from a chair for anyone who is less mobile.  

If you would like to book any of these workshops or receive further information contact Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk