QiKi Gong – Q&A with Ruthie Moriarty and Alan Sanson

Qi Gong in the workplace

QiKi Gong – Q&A with Ruthie Moriarty and Alan Sanson

Q&A with Ruthie Moriarty and Alan Sanson

We are excited to bring you an activity to bring your whole team together invoking feelings of calm and relaxation, whilst reinvigorating you. It is called QiKi Gong (pronounced Cheeky Gong) an ideal addition to your staff health and wellbeing toolbox. 

So what is QiKi Gong? 

To answer this question, we asked Ruth Moriarty, Reiki Master, and Alan Sanson, a QiGong facilitator, to talk us through the origins, how it works, and the benefits to businesses and individuals.

Having practised QiKi Gong with Ruth and Alan, I can honestly say it really does have a wonderfully calming effect on you and allows you to release any tension or stress you may be experiencing, whether that is due to the anxiety and uncertainty of the current pandemic or just because you have not allowed your mind to become still and to have time for yourself.

Over to Ruth and Alan:

What are the origins of QiKi Gong?

QiKi Gong is the powerful merging of QiGong and Reiki. 

QiGong is an ancient Chinese art, Qi means life force/energy, Gong translates as Play.  

Reiki is Japanese in origin and translates as Rei – Universal Life Force and Ki – Energy. 

How easy is QiKi Gong and who can play it? 

We love this question.   

It is totally inclusive, you do what you feel is right for you on that day at that time. 

Everyone can do something – after all, we are playing with pure energy/life-force, which is something we all have. 

These gentle movements can be done standing, seated, or lying down.

We show you the moves that you can copy at first but then you will relax and make them your own.  

QiKi Gong aims to improve the quality of your well-being through proven ways of imagination, just Being and gentle movement. 

What are the benefits both for an organisation and for the people involved with it? 

  • Improved Wellbeing through easy movements and ways to feel, that can be used anytime, anywhere. 
  • A balance of mind, body, and emotions, able to focus not only on working better but to Be healthier. 
  • Regaining your natural Rest and Digest state, rather than being continually in the other natural state of Fight, Flight, Freeze (panic, anxiety, stress). 
  • Feeling valued and part of a caring, supportive organisation creating a content, calm, yet energised team of people who are better able to cope with work and engage with you and your clients. 

How can people expect to feel after playing QiKi Gong?

Awesome! Anyone who has played QiKi Gong with us has always said it made them feel calmer, inspired and refreshed. People also have commented that they feel more energised, able to think more clearly, can better focus and refocus, as QiKi Gong helps free blockages in your mind and body. 

When is the best time to play with QiKi Gong?

You can learn to play with the concepts all the time, not just at times of panic, stress, anxiety, or illness. This way, you have a better chance to avoid these situations. We have created a series of 6 movies, each one adding to the sequence of movements to encourage regular sessions so that it becomes part of your culture as a business. 

You can just try this tiny exercise. 

Our uniquely human aspect of imagination plays a major part in QiKi Gong.  

Visualise taking yourself to a place you feel comfortable, calm, content, free – a place you have been or of pure imagination.  

Doesn’t that make you feel better straight away? 

If at any time you feel any tension (in your mind or body) think of it as ice which needs to be turned back to flexible water – warm it, move it, massage it – with QiKi Gong.

Try this calming, relaxing, energising movement that we call “Swoop and Scoop” https://youtu.be/G0coJdzhVYg 

If you would like to receive further information about the series of QiKi Gong movies contact Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk