Quick tips for Workplace Wellbeing

Tips for workplace wellbeing

Quick tips for Workplace Wellbeing

We work long hours and even when we’ve finished work, how many of us actually switch off completely? So it’s important that when you are at work, you take time out to refresh, relax and re-energise to get the best out of your working day.

Here’s some quick tips on wellbeing that you can bring into your day:

Don’t too much at once

For each task you have to do – give it your full attention. If you try and do too much at once, it takes much longer and doesn’t help your brain to focus.

Be realistic

Human beings are not perfect. If you’re struggling with your workload to keep up with things. Speak with your manager to see if there’s anything that can be done to ease your workload pressure – you could also look at setting targets.

Pat yourself on the back

Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself for what you have achieved in your working day. We can be so busy sometimes that we forget to reward ourselves for what we have accomplished during our day.

Take a break and enjoy that Kit Kat

Take short breaks throughout the day as well as taking your lunch break. 5 minutes every hour to make a cup of tea, refill that water bottle, stretch those legs, give your eyes chance to rest and more importantly switch off from work.

Work life balance

Remember that work will wait. Don’t let your life become your work. It’s important that you take time to switch off, relax and nurture your hobbies and relationships. There maybe the odd occasion where you have to work late or do extra hours, try not to do this on a longer basis.

Get to know your colleagues

Try to develop good relationships with your colleagues. Connecting with them can help build up a network of support within your workplace.

Create a home time routine

Help your brain get ready to switch off from work by creating an end of the work day routine. Write your to-do list for tomorrow to prepare yourself, essentially empting your brain of all of tomorrows tasks so they are not on your mind overnight You could also tidy your desk in preparation for a new work day – they say a tidy desk, a tidy mind.

Introduce wellbeing into your workplace

Workplace massage is a great way to introduce wellbeing into the business.  Seated acupressure massage is ideal for both male and female employees and for all ages. It targets areas of tension and muscle soreness in your back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands providing relief from muscle aches and pains often aggravated by repetitive strain and posture related issues.  For more information please contact Kathy Scott on info@handsonatwork.co.uk