Run? Swim? Cycle? Row? – Why a sports massage helps performance at all levels

importance of sports massage

Run? Swim? Cycle? Row? – Why a sports massage helps performance at all levels

If you are a keen sportsperson, either a professional or an amateur, you’ll always be interested to know how you can improve performance.

One way to extend fitness and get a greater benefit from all the effort you put in is to build a regular sports massage (or ‘deep tissue’ massage) into your routine.

There are a number of reasons why this would be beneficial and they include:

Improved muscle suppleness

All exercise places strain and pressure on your muscles, tendons (which connect muscle to bone) and ligaments (which connect bone to bone). As a result your muscles and joints can become over extended and lose elasticity. A massage before or after exercise stretches and lengthens muscle fibres, reinvigorates the flow of nutrients and flushes out lactic acid. This speeds up recovery and extends movement, preparing your body for renewed and improved activity.

Full body awareness

A massage will increase your body awareness and enable you to focus on and review the areas that require attention; either in terms of increased activity or increased care and protection.

Relaxing and winding-down

There is also a mental side to sports performance. Building in time to rest and relax is just as important as pushing your body in training and massage can play a significant and positive role in this.

Professional advice and support

Your massage practitioner will also be highly qualified and this means you will able to discuss with them how your body is behaving and responding as well as devise a plan for future treatments and stay safe.

Because you deserve it

After all that hard work you deserve a treat and a massage is the perfect way to reward yourself. You could also set yourself a new goal and celebrate with a professional sports massage when you achieve it.

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