Simple and easy self-massage techniques

Self massage techniques

Simple and easy self-massage techniques

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone concerned, impacting so many factors of our lives, our physical and mental health, financial wellbeing, not to mention schools being closed and adapting to working from home, not having your usual workplace benefits and perhaps your usual on-site massage.

Whilst we are getting used to working from home, it can be easy to develop muscle aches and stiffness from poor posture as we adjust our lives to a desk or table we are not used to working from on a regular basis.

So here at Hands On At Work, we thought it would be an idea to share simple and easy self-massage techniques to help take care of yourself through these times. 

Stress Headache

Depending on what is more comfortable for you, choose your thumb, your fist, or a tennis ball.  Find the tender spot in front of your ears (which is on the same level of your eyebrows).  Once you find the tender spot, rub in circular motions applying constant pressure for 2-3 minsMove up towards the top of your head, one inch at a time and repeat. Taking deep slow breaths will also help you to relax.

Scalp Massage

There is nothing more relaxing than a scalp massage – it helps to stimulate blood flow and ease the tense muscles around your head.  Place the heel of your palms under your hair on either side of your head near your temples. Push your scalp up towards the ceiling, hold a few seconds and release. Work in sections, until you have covered your entire scalp. Also, massaging your scalp with your fingers as if you are washing your hair is very comforting.

Jaw Clenching 

A high majority of us tend to tense our jaws without thinking.  Relax the muscles in your face by placing your fingers just under your cheekbones, gently applying pressure, with circular motion, as you drag your fingers down towards the corner of your lips. Repeat several times, finally pulling down to  a spot next to your lips.

Smile! This is a good way of relaxing your jaw and face muscles and if no-one is looking pull all sorts of faces mouth open or shut!

Neck and Shoulders 

Probably the most common complaint we see – neck and shoulder pain as a result slouching over a computer.  As human beings we are not designed to sit down for hours at a time.  Take a look on our Facebook page, Kathy has recently recorded a video on tips for posture whilst working from home.  You can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/handsonatwork.co.uk/videos/190474358619464/

Start off with taking a deep breath, drop your shoulders and slowly tuck your chin to your chest, this will gently be stretching your neck.  Please be aware to do this gently and stop if it ever feels uncomfortable.  Then place your fingertips to the back of your neck where your shoulder begins. Press in firmly and hold for several moments, releasing when the muscle feels more relaxed or after ten long seconds. Finish with rolling your shoulders forward and backward several times.

Hand Massage 

Our hands often get forgotten about – time to give them some TLC.  Place your thumb in the centre of your inner wrist, rub gentle circles across that spot on both wrists. Next, take your fingers and move to the heel of your palm, apply pressure in a gentle circular motion. 

Take your thumb and rub at the first knuckle of your thumb, and rub in a circular motion for twenty seconds, move to the next knuckle and finally move to the nail and repeat the motion, then gently pull the finger to stretch the joint. Remember to repeat on each finger. 

When life does return to normal, here at Hands on at Work we’re ready to play a part, especially when it comes to keeping your people fit, well, rewarded and happy with our workplace wellbeing services.  Delivering a range of relaxing and beneficial ‘at work’ treatments, these are valued by organisations right across the UK. To find out about costs and options please contact us directly on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk