Six alternative and memorable St. Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentines gift of wellness

Six alternative and memorable St. Valentine’s Day gifts

February 14th is coming!

So guys, what are you going to buy her this year – flowers and chocolates or a special meal out?

Ladies, what’s it going to be for him – some aftershave or a bottle of his favourite tipple?

Or how about something a little bit more original?

Here are six alternative and memorable St. Valentine’s Day gifts.

Take a tandem bungee jump

Did you know you can do a tandem bungee jump with your loved one? It may put your love to the test but it will certainly be something you’ll remember forever!

Go camping

Camping in February? Are you sure? OK, you may need to make sure you have the right kit (and of course a campsite that allows a fire) but this could be the St. Valentine’s Day you’ll remember for many years to come. If you’re still unsure, then check out ‘glam camping’ options. These usually offer stylish, heated cabins or tents with all home facilities.

Make a lasting link with a love-lock

This is the art of writing or engraving both your names onto a lock and then clicking the lock onto a railing or a fence. You’ll then need to photograph it! Beware that this is not always welcomed in public places such as on bridges but no one will complain if you add one to your own garden gate!

Throw a party

As an alternative to having a ‘romantic dinner for two’, simply invite all your best friends round for the evening. Put out some nibbles and make a big bowl of punch, plan some silly party games and share the love!

Book a massage

Treat him or her to an exclusive session of indulgence with a Hands on at Work massage voucher. Our therapies include a deeply relaxing full body massage, a dreamy Indian Head massage, a therapeutic foot massage, a beautifying facial massage or a revitalising sports massage. To order or for more details, call 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk


We’ll leave it up to you about how you do it! Or – if you’re already married you could invite your wife or husband to remake your vows at a special ceremony later in the year.