Spring into spring! Health and fitness tips for the longer days

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Spring into spring! Health and fitness tips for the longer days

It finally feels like spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

One of the great things about the warmer, lighter and longer April and May days is that getting a little fitter and eating a little healthier feels easier.

Here are four steps to help you do this:

1. Enhance your fitness regime (or start a new one!)

Although seasonal rain showers are never far very away the clocks have now gone forward and the mornings and evenings are lighter. It’s time therefore to take a fresh look at your existing fitness regime and take it outside – or even start a new one. This could mean saying goodbye the treadmill in the gym and getting out for a run in a city park or down country lanes or, if you’re a swimmer this could mean checking out the opening times of your nearest lido.

2. Healthy food is delicious food

Lighter and longer days also encourage a lighter diet. Tasty salads are therefore a spring essential and this is a great time to experiment with some new, fresh seasonal tastes with as well as some delicious salad dressings.

3. Don’t forget your mental wellbeing

A balanced approach to health and wellbeing is always preferential so do allow yourself some quiet time to get away from it all. This could be a simple thing such as taking a 30 or 40 minute gentle and meditative walk around your local area or along a country track. Do remember however, to leave your mobile ‘phone at home!

4. Book yourself a beneficial massage

Treating yourself to a professional massage is the perfect addition to any fitness regime and brings an array of benefits. Hands on at Work massage prices start at just £25 for 30 minute appointment, which means they’re affordable too.

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