St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers - Case Study

St Ives Chambers

Name of company:  St Ives Chambers

The commission: To provide 15-minute massages to staff and Barristers during our Health & Wellbeing Week in May 2019.

Massages were very well received during our event and all the places were snapped up very quickly. As a result, The Health & Wellbeing Committee decided to have “Hands on at Work” on a regular basis. Claire and Alex now visit us once a month.

The aim of having massages in Chambers was to take care of staff and barrister’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The delivery and service that Claire and Alex provide is very professional. They bring their own massage chairs and play calming music to increase the relaxation. They cater for individual needs, as some of us have lower back problems, neck or shoulder tension, others simply enjoy relaxing with a gentle head/back massage. Even with one session a month, we can feel the difference.

Here is what staff and Barristers have said about the massages:

“Brilliantly relaxing! Now, if only they could come in every day…”

“I enjoyed it”

“It’s like 15 minutes of heaven! Friendly and professional service, which feels unhurried and bespoke.”

“The massages not only help to alleviate tension in my arms, neck and shoulders, but also allow me to escape the confines of the office for a short while – 15 minutes of bliss!”

“Lovely, friendly ladies, clearly knowledgeable in their trade. They greatly assist to ease the tensions of the day away, really getting in to those knots in my shoulders.”

“ It’s amazing what 15 minutes out of the hustle and bustle can do. I was surprised how much tension could be released in just 15 minutes”

“I really look forward to Hands on at Work’s monthly visits, the practitioners are friendly and responsive and I always feel more relaxed after my massage. “

“I have had numerous massages from both Alex and Claire and they have both been amazing! Apparently my back is very knotted and I need at least an hour’s massage! But the 15 minute sessions have made a massive difference and I can’t wait for the next one”

“I very much look forward to our monthly visits from “Hands on at work”.   At different times I have had massages from both Claire and Alex and found them both to be professional, friendly and knowledgeable as to what is needed or required in that particular session.

I find dimming the room lights and playing mood music adds to the overall experience.

I return to my desk feeling relaxed and refreshed.  My only criticism would be that I would like them to come more often!”

“Hands on at Work are very professional in their approach and make you feel at ease.

The massages make you feel calm and fully relaxed.  It helps you to take time out for yourself which is important in a fast paced and high pressured environment.”