St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers - Case Study

St Philips Chambers

“Fantastically well-received by everyone, and something to really look forward to”

Name of company: St Philips Chambers

The commission was to:  Provide 15-minute massages to busy staff and barristers

The organisation: Barristers Chambers

The aim: As part of our Wellbeing initiative within chambers, we sought to introduce a physical activity which contributed to staff and barristers’ feeling of wellness and relaxation. We wanted it to be accessible, easy to engage with, and noticeably beneficial.

The delivery: We have had Kathy and then Phil visit us a number of times, on each occasion delivering 15-minute massages for 8 staff/barristers. We used a meeting room, which was quickly and easily set up for the masseur/masseuse, and we found the service to be extremely friendly, professional and unobtrusive.

The difference made: Every single person who has had the benefit of a massage has been complimentary about it – they feel noticeably more relaxed afterwards, it lifts their mood, and it raises team morale by giving the staff a shared experience and something new to talk about. Some have found it helps in conjunction with lunchtime gym visits to help them avoid injury, particularly in a desk-based role.

Ali Tabari, barrister member of the chambers Wellbeing Committee said…

“We are delighted with the service we have received, and we would highly recommend HOAW’s expertise to any business who needs a quick, reliable and effective method to improve their staff’s physical wellness and their mood/morale. We are looking forward to many more fantastic sessions with the team!”