These feet were made for walking…

Tips for walking

These feet were made for walking…

According to the College of Podiatrists in our lifetime we walk over a 100,000 miles. Alarmingly, 9 out of 10 of us have a foot problem and 1 in 5 has frequent or constant pain.

Feet problems, such as fallen arches, will eventually affect knees, hips and our backs, because of the pressure from our feet that we then divert to different parts of our body.

So we need to keep our feet healthy, here’s some tips on how to do it:

Keep your tooties clean and dry…

Daily washing of your feet in warm water, keeping your skin and nails clean and healthy to avoid infection. It’s also really important to dry your feet, especially between your toes to avoid issues such as athletes foot.

Moisturising your feet is a good idea, especially if you suffer with diabetes or dry feet in general.

Quality footwear…

Leather shoes will always make your feet sweat less than synthetic. Choosing good shoes will always help keep bacterial / fungal infections at bay!

Clean socks are also a plus – they help maximise airflow and if your feet do get a little soggy, change those socks. When you get home in the evening, kick those shoes off and give your feet a rest and some air!

Ow ow ow…

Heels…need we say anymore?

Why not try just wearing heels for a short period of time, visiting the theatre or enjoying dinner for the evening. 

Try to avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time.  If you suffer with bunions or other foot deformities they sadly exacerbate the problem!

Top tip! Take a pair of comfortable shoes with you so you can change into them if needed!

Protect your feet from bugs!

You know what we’re going to say here don’t you? That’s right – communal areas! They are a breeding ground for foot infections such as verrucas or athletes foot. Next time you’re at the pool, take a pair of flip flops with you will help to prevent infection.

Remember to always thoroughly wash and dry your feet, changing into dry, clean socks and shoes to keep your tooties fresh & healthy.

It’s all about support…

We know that ballerina pumps and flip-flops feel comfortable however, they are very flat, offering little or no support to your feet. If you want to wear them, enjoy them for short periods.

Go for well fitted shoes, with laces (as they help to ensure a shoe fits well), that support your foot and that provide good arch support.

Don’t put it off…

It’s the same for everything, but it’s true! If you think something is wrong, treat it right away to avoid the problem getting worse.

Diabetes and your feet…

If you are diabetic, you need to take particular care of your feet! You are more vulnerable to heel cracks, ulcers and loss of sensation, which means you are less aware of any damage you may have and will also mean that heal slower.


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Remember, staying healthy, keeping fit, eating a well balanced diet will help your feet!

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