West London NHS Trust Testimonial

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West London NHS Trust Testimonial

“I found that the 15 minutes that I had not only made me more focused it heightened my alertness when I returned to the office, it also helped decrease any stress I had the morning of the massage.”

“The session was very professionally handled and I felt an actual interest was being taken in my day to day health.  I felt relaxed and a little bit pampered when I returned to my desk.”

“I enjoyed the experience and it was a lovely 15 minutes of my day. Understandably the time slot is short, but this does need to accommodate a number of people. The lady provided some really useful advice for my particular situation, and was able to massage me and help me with some stretches.”

“Having the work place massage was amazing. It really helped with taking a moment to de-stress and zone out. I felt really good for the rest of the day and felt I had a different mind-set when coming back to my desk. A positive little touch to the day.”

“I found that receiving an Indian Head Massage was very beneficial to me; Increasing mobility and flexibility in my neck and shoulders and was particularly good for reducing the effects of stress and tension.  This alleviated my stress and brought a sense of tranquillity, calmness and positive wellbeing and it gave me a feeling of balance.”

“The massage session was very good, I really appreciate it . The ladies were very nice and welcoming. Working on the computer for a long time, that gives me pain on my lower back and also stiff shoulder. The massage really help loosening my muscle and made me relax.  I enjoyed it very much and I have encouraged other colleagues to give it a try.”