What is Desk Yoga?

Workplace Desk Yoga

What is Desk Yoga?

Our online Desk Yoga workshop was created in 2020 as we could not physically visit our lovely clients due to lockdowns. Even now, the workshops continue to be popular, so how could they benefit your business?

Here are some ways our clients have used the Desk Yoga sessions:

  • At the start of the day, a time of calm and relaxation, to feel good and with a clear head to help focus on the tasks ahead.
  • After a team meeting, so much information rolling around in your brain, taking time out to concentrate on your breathing together with gentle movements gives you time to process that information.
  • Using it to bring teams together in a co-ordinated way. Employees working remotely join colleagues in the office via their computers to all take part together.
  • As part of an event by complimenting other wellbeing services being provided throughout the day

What exactly is Desk Yoga?

We asked Kallika to explain. Kallika is not only a brilliant massage therapist on the team but also an experienced yoga teacher.

Desk Yoga is an adapted form of yoga that enables participants to practice in a regular chair. The class is delivered online making it ideal for the workplace and for individuals working from home. The classes are suitable for everyone and no yoga experience is necessary.

The classes include breathing exercises, asanas (yoga postures and movements), self-massage, relaxation techniques and meditation. They can be adapted for people with certain physical ailments and those with physical disabilities.

Attendees will need:

  • a chair with fixed legs, such as a dining chair or office chair that doesn’t swivel. (we don’t want visions of people disappearing from the screen as their chair flies off down the other end of the room!)
  • Access to a computer with a monitor and camera
  • Internet access

What we need prior to the session:

  • Attendees to complete a medical questionnaire. This needs to be returned at least 24 hours prior to the yoga session allowing the facilitator time to modify the class in any way necessary to cater for any ailments that attendees may have. Together we can decide the best method of facilitating this to ensure the employees medical information remains confidential and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear?

The yoga can be done in regular work clothes however if you are in a shared space you might be more comfortable in trousers than a skirt.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes. However, if they have a cable connected to the computer then you may be a little restricted but it will still be possible to do the class.

How much space do I need?

I will ask you to push your chair far enough away from the screen for me to be able to see you. You will remain seated but allow enough room for your arms to be extended in. all directions.

Desk Yoga is a fully inclusive activity, suitable for everyone so why not try it? For further information contact Kathy Scott on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk or visit our website www.handsonatwork.co.uk