What should be included in an effective employee wellbeing programme?

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What should be included in an effective employee wellbeing programme?

Business leaders of all kinds increasingly understand that it is important to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees.

As a result (and to ensure they appropriately deliver this) many organisations are now creating an employee wellbeing programme.

So, what should be included in an effective one?

An effective employee wellbeing programme should include strategies and actions which ensure that each employee feels that they are…


We all want to feel valued for our skills and abilities – and able to use them so that we can do our role, to the very best of our ability

A part of it

We also all need to know that we’re part of a team and understand how what we do, contributes to the bigger picture.

Not over burdened

A high-stress, long-hours work culture will only result in employees getting stressed, burning out and leaving.

Provided with the right kit and back up

We all need the right equipment and support in place so that we can work effectively and efficiently.

Encouraged and rewarded

We’re all at our best when we are supported and encouraged to do well – and it is also important that we receive recognition for our achievements.

Able to communicate

If an employee feels unable to share a problem they’ll only bottle it up or share it inappropriately. We all want to work in a culture where we can share our feelings within a safe and open environment.

Supported to eat well and keep physically active

We probably don’t need to be told how to eat well and stay physically active these days but we all appreciate working in an environment where this is valued, promoted and made easy to do.

Hands on at Work can play a part!

Here at Hands on at Work we’re ready to play a key role in your employee wellbeing programme, especially when it comes to keeping your people fit, well, rewarded and happy.

We offer and deliver a range of relaxing and beneficial ‘at work’ massage treatments and these are valued by organisations right across the UK.

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