Why a massage will boost your New Year fitness goal

Why a massage will boost your New Year fitness goal

Working towards a New Year fitness goal can result in remarkable personal changes not only in terms of your health and wellbeing but also in terms of how you feel about yourself.

The only problem is, maintaining a healthy fitness or diet pledge can be challenging, simply because the changes we’re asking our body to make can be too much, too soon.

The key is to make small, initial changes and then build on them.

Ensuring your goal really is achievable and then keeping a diary as you work towards it, also helps.

Massage will boost your fitness goal

A great way to reach a fitness goal is to add in a regular sports massage.

They deliver a number of benefits including the elimination of toxins and lactic acid in your muscles (Lactic acid is produced following strenuous exercise and causes the ‘tight’ muscle pain we experience afterwards) and improved fluid circulation.

The resulting release of tension and improved flexibility lead onto better relaxation and more energy.

Massage also helps to prevent future sports injury.

After all, can you imagine a professional athlete not having massage built into their training and fitness programme?

Give it a go!

Adding a regular professional massage to your New Year fitness routine is a relatively small change but one that can make a significant difference.

And with Hands on at Work treatments starting just £25, they may be more affordable that you think.

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