Why a sports massage also helps workplace performance

Why a sports massage also helps workplace performance

Here at Hands on at Work we often talk to people who say things like, ‘Well massage is great but it’s only something you have as a treat, perhaps when you’re on holiday or for a birthday.”

Whilst we agree that a massage is really rather special there are however many reasons why it should be more than just a ‘treat’.

Sports success

If you are a keen sports person for example, massage can play a significant role in improving your performance and helping you avoid injury. Each massage can be structured to address any particular health concern and even when the body is performing as it should, massage can bring significant benefits. That’s why many professional teams always keep a masseuse on hand to ensure everyone maintains performance and equilibrium.

Workplace success

Massage also uplifts performance at work. Nowadays many companies recognise that investing in employee wellbeing brings real value. This investment can include flexible working hours, free gym membership and private healthcare as well as on site massage therapies. It’s a pretty simple idea – the healthier and happier your team are, the fewer days they will be taking off sick and the more productive they’ll be.

Double the benefit!

Therefore, whether you are aiming to achieve a workplace or a sports performance goal, professional massage will help you maintain balanced and sustainable mind and body health.

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