Why health and wellbeing programmes don’t work

Health and wellbeing programme

Why health and wellbeing programmes don’t work

There needs to be ‘buy in’ from the top. Too many times good intentions to create an active health and wellbeing programme fall by the wayside because not everyone is on board with implementing it.

If staff feel that they need to sneak out to take part in an activity or ask another colleague to cover for them whilst they are away in case their manager finds out, it’s not going to work.

If a member of staff has concerns with say their workload or issues outside of work which they need to talk about or discuss the conduct of other staff members is there an honest and open culture in place where they feel they would be able to raise these issues? If not, then a health and wellbeing policy will not work.

One way round this is to put together a survey and ask those searching questions e.g.

  1. Do you feel you can talk to either your Manager or another member of staff about issues that may be concerning you? i.e. how you are feeling, your workload, issues outside of work etc. If not, why is that?
  2. If the company put on an activity you would like to attend, for example, a yoga session, would you be happy to take part in work time? If not, what are the reasons which would stop you?

Also, try to see things from a Manager’s point of view and survey them, ask if they would be willing to assist their team in attending health and wellbeing sessions in whatever form but what, from their point of view, would need to be put in place to ensure there is a balance between supporting their staff and ensuring work output is not disrupted.

It’s important to find out how people feel and their perception of how a health and wellbeing policy would work. Getting everyone involved and addressing objections or questions right at the start will enable you to find solutions and map out a plan to suit all objectives and goals.

Put processes in place so that ideas can constantly evolve and allow staff at all levels to take an active part in its implementation. This will increase engagement motivation and make your business a great place to work.