Why massage is ideal for anyone in a high stress legal role

overwhelm in legal profession

Why massage is ideal for anyone in a high stress legal role

When it comes to supporting professionals in the legal sector, here at Hands on at Work we have a bit of an insight.

This is because business owner Kathy Scott comes from a legal background herself.

She worked in the legal profession as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives for 20 years.

We are therefore very aware of the daily pressures legal people face.

Massage for legal eagles

For some, working in a legal environment can mean long hours.

Especially when deadlines are looming, it can be very easy for legal people to plough on without taking a proper break.

An individual may find themselves getting in early, grabbing a quick sandwich at their desk for lunch and then staying late.

Step aside and recharge

It is important therefore to give your body and brain time to switch off, recuperate and re-focus.

A massage is a fantastic way to achieve this.

They can bring relief from common aches and pains such as back pain and stiff neck and shoulders as well as specific injuries including sports injuries.

They can also help you relax and sleep much better leaving you all set for the next day.

We come to you!

The Hands on at Work massage service is perfect for busy legal professionals because we come to you.

And if you can spare just 20 minutes in the office (each massages is by the way, performed over clothing and seated) that’s enough time for an appointment that will make a noticeable difference.

We get great feedback too

The feedback we get, confirms that recipients do not only receive a physical benefit but also achieve a much better frame of mind.

So if you’re a legal professional who’d like to feel refreshed, naturally energised and more focused; then do give us a call.

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