Why massage is perfect for teachers

stressed teachers

Why massage is perfect for teachers

It’s stressful being a teacher.

You spend long periods of time on your feet and even longer hunched over your lesson plans and your endless piles of marking.

You have therefore to be physically and mentally agile to deal with the ever increasing demands of children, parents and the curriculum.

All these factors can lead to stress, aches and pains.

If you’re an educator looking for ways to relieve stress or muscle tension, a massage can do wonders for your body and mind. Here’s how:

Silences pain

It may be tempting to pop a pill when you’re suffering from classroom related aches and pains but research suggests massage may produce greater benefits.

The theory is that massage sends soothing touch signals to the brain, which relaxes the body and releases endorphins; the body’s natural painkillers.

Boosts immunity

Children pick up all sorts of bugs at school but massage can help protect you from contracting them. It gives your immune system a boost by increasing levels of disease-fighting white blood cells.

Massages also move lymph through the body (a fluid that contains a high number of white blood cells called lymphocytes that fight infection)

And if you’re already sick, a massage can help move the illness through your system more quickly.

Soothes the mind

There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage is there?

Massage lowers your stress hormone cortisol and boosts your feel-good hormone serotonin, making you feel brighter and better equipped to deal with any challenges that come along.

We can help

At Hands on at Work we know that you spend your days nurturing little ones, often at the expense of your own health.

We can redress the imbalance by bringing our mobile massage service to your home or school.

Find out how!

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