Work roles that will benefit most from therapeutic massage

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Work roles that will benefit most from therapeutic massage

Whilst Hands on at Work provides onsite massage services to a range of office and computer based employees, these are not the only work roles that benefit from therapeutic massage.

Here are some others.

Jobs that involve standing on one spot for long hours

If you work in retail, in manufacturing, as a standing receptionist or in any other kind of ‘meeting and greeting’ role, you could be physically active but in a very limited way.

Jobs that involve lots of lifting and shifting

Roles in retail, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing can all include a great deal of challenging physical work such as moving items around.

Jobs that involve hours of driving

Jobs that involve many hours sitting in and driving cars, vans, taxies, trucks or industrial vehicles or any other kind are recognised as being especially sedentary.

Other jobs that involve a lot of sitting in one place

As well as computer based office roles and driving roles, if you have a security, production/ manufacturing or retail role (as well as number of others) you could also spend a great deal of time sitting in one place and quite possibly retaining one fixed posture.

Affordable onsite massages therapies from Hands on at Work boost workplace health and wellbeing at a wide variety of locations.

They also play a key role in improving team morale, increasing productivity and reducing employee recruitment costs.

For more details about how you can support your team with workplace massage, please call Hands on at Work on 07989 367669 or email info@handsonatwork.co.uk