You’ve booked a workplace massage session – What happens next?

massage at work

You’ve booked a workplace massage session – What happens next?

You’ve made the decision to book one of our therapists to provide on-site seated massage to the employees of your business – What’s the next step?  Here’s some helpful advice we thought you would appreciate…

If you’re the organiser

Choose your booking method for employees…

You’ll need to decide which will be the most suitable method for staff members to book in for a treatment.

– Internal booking system

– Emailed appointment sheets

– Paper appointment sheets held with a liaison person

(If you are holding an exhibition style of event where the treatments will be on a drop-in basis, it’ll be easier not to have a booking system)

If you find that all of the treatment slots have been booked up and you have a waiting list, you could ask for extra time, perhaps 30 mins to an hour depending on numbers.  For scheduled appointments, the therapist will need a copy of the appointment list on the day, making sure that everyone knows when there time is for their treatments will make the say run smoother. 

Where will the treatments take place?

You’ll need to think about where you would like the massage treatments to be held within your business premises.  Your options could be…

– A vacant meeting room – onsite chair

– An area in an open plan office – onsite chair

– At the Desks – at each person’s desk

– In a large foyer – exhibition style treatments – drop in treatments

If you decide on holding your treatments in free meeting room, choose a peaceful room and let all the staff know where the treatments will be held, also let non-participants know, so that you can avoid disruptions.

For desk massages there is no need to set up a chair anywhere as the treatments will be provided at each person’s desk.  To allow for minimum disruption to the working day, the appointments tend to be shorter.  With desk massage, therapists usually work on an ad hoc basis.  When it is convenient for a staff member to have a massage, they indicate to the therapist and let them know they are ready for their treatment.  This style of on-site massage works well when working in a large office with multiple staff members, ie. Call centres.

Health & Safety time...

A few days before we arrive, we will provide a medical assessment questionnaire, for every member of staff to fill in and take it to their appointment.

On the day, the therapist will ask each member of staff at their appointment about pressure, and anything that they should be aware of, aches and pains, old injuries etc and then provide a bespoke treatment for each staff member.

It’s really useful if someone within the team is listed as the contact person and show our therapist where the fire exits are, facilities and where to set up etc.

The following day…

Either Kathy or Chantall will check in with you to follow up to see how the day went. They will also send you a feedback link, that way we can see what you thought of the day, any improvements or changes you’d like to make for your next session.

The Employee…

Booking your massage 

Your colleague and the organiser, will have made you aware that the Hands On At Work team are due to visit the company to provide on-site workplace massage.

They’ll have probably spoken to you about a preferred time for your treatment and also provided you with our medical assessment questionnaire.

What happens next

Take your completed medical questionnaire to the appointment.  It’s a good idea to arrive a few minutes before your massage to ensure the treatment begins on time and go over any health issues with your therapist to make them aware of any issues you have raised on your form.  The massage chair will be adjusted to ensure your maximum comfort and your therapist will instruct you how to get on and off the chair.  Please let your therapist know if you would like a heavier or lighter pressured applied at any time throughout your treatment. 

Your therapist will start by applying long sweeping strokes down the back.  Movements and massage techniques will work on acupressure points throughout the head, neck, shoulders and back.  With the therapists using their palms, thumbs and fingers to compress and manipulate muscle to release tension and aid relaxation.

It can be a firm but relaxing massage or if required a more invigorating, deeper and stronger massage. Different techniques will be used depending on what you need and will incorporate stretching to help relieve muscle tightness. This massage is carried out over clothes and so no oils are used making it ideal for the workplace. Following your treatment, will be given an after-care advice.